Tuesday, June 26, 2012

MetroMarks: Explore cites faster

We  just come across a new web resource, MetroMarks, that promises to make planning trips easier, faster and better, and after checking out the site for a delightfully amusing several hours, we at FunAmsterdam do have to agree with their daring yet veritable statement.

The website landing page is aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use, which also applies to the rest of the site in general.  MetroMarks' website seems to be in its start-up phase, especially since the potential for the site is essentially as endless as there are locations to visit on this Earth, but its already chock full of interesting and very useful location based websites for dozens of cities in the U.S and Canada. Additionally, they have begun to branch out internationally with sites for many European capitals and hot-spots from Madrid to our very own Amsterdam. 

Being a native New Yorker myself, I have only lived in the awe-inspiring metropolis of Amsterdam for merely a year, and although this city is much smaller than my own hometown, it is still quite frustrating to find local businesses without at least a basic level of Dutch.  I only wish I had known about this site when I first moved here, integration would have been a lot easier. 

Finding local news in English is a breeze for me now. Airport transfer and inner city metro system schedules links are all organized on to one convenient online location.  In fact, you can even calculate the exact cab fare from your hotel to the airport if you wake up a bit too late from partying like a rock star on your last night in the Dam. 

Lost your wallet? Or even worse, your passport? MetroMarks has a one-stop location for all the public services you could possibly need while traveling, like police stations, hospitals and embassies. 

Looking for a well-structured assortment of local attractions and their respective websites, for up-to-date information regarding operating hours, entrance fees  and the like, as well as purchasing tickets online to avoid long queues at popular museums and attractions (if you’ve ever seen the line at the Ann Frank House, you would really appreciate this facility). Check the “Attractions” page, and you can also find listings for local hotels, shopping guides and special deals going on in the city’s favorite shopping areas.    

Under the “Entertainment” tab on the Amsterdam site, I found numerous websites devoted to reviewing restaurants and promoting the colorful and vibrant nightlife of Amsterdam.  There are even links to popular and seasonal festivals /events being hosted all around the city, catering to all you cultivated travelers out there.  One of my favorite links is nested under this section; George’s Interactive Red Light District map

There really is no limit to the sorts of trips that a discerning tourist can create with an online resource such as this wonderful travel website directory.  MetroMarks really does make the daunting task of planning trips much easier, better and faster. 

I can now literally replace my Google Chrome “Amsterdam” bookmarks folder with just one link: MetroMarks : Amsterdam, and keep it moving…

We love Amsterdam

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